Major Success or Major Flop?


2019 Homecoming Royalty Isabel Anderson and Owen Vogelsong.

Christine Scronce, Staff Writer

Homecoming is an exciting time of year, with people looking forward to things like Powderpuff, the announcement of the court, and of course the big game. With all this excitement, it’s not surprising that sometimes Homecoming doesn’t live up to expectations. So, what did the student population think of Homecoming this year? I went on a mission to find out. I had a few randomly selected teachers give a 10-question survey about Homecoming. Here’s what the results showed.

On a scale of 1-10, the average rating of Homecoming was 7.25. The overall favorite daily theme was Meme/Character Day (the least favorite was Staycay/Vacay Day). The student body loved having games at the pep rally. On the other hand, the talent show was sorely missed, and people were disappointed that there wasn’t a dance. When asked what they would do to improve Homecoming, the four most common responses were to create new daily themes, come up with new games for the pep rally, bring back the talent show, and have a formal Homecoming dance.