VSCO Chicks and E-People

Rylee Sheppard, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Have you been wondering why you hear “Sksksk” “and “I oop!” in the hallways? Well, what you’re hearing is your local VSCO chicks. No idea what I’m talking about? These girls walk around school with their puka shell necklaces, hydroflasks full of stickers, Birkenstocks, Crocs, Vans, oversized t-shirts, Nike shorts, metal straws, and their many, many scrunchies.

The app for editing and sharing images called VSCO came out in 2011. The app wasn’t popular at that time, but in the summer of 2018, it started to gain momentum, with girls posting freely about what they wish they could have in a boy, quotes they can relate to, and funny pictures they would be embarrassed to post elsewhere. Basically, it is a social media platform where a girl can be free and not worry about being judged. However, some people do make fun of VSCO girls even if these haters are classified  as “basic” people. 

Eddy McMillion a current VSCO chick at Greenbrier East says, “I don’t mind being called a VSCO girl…It shows that people are judging me for how I dress, but I just blow it off my back.”

An E-girl (emotion girl) used to be a name used to slut-shame women, but now the tables have turned and an E-girl/E-Boy is a person who paints hearts and stars under her eyes. S/he is the complete opposite of a VSCO girl. An E-person usually spends time on (mainly) Tumblr and TikTok. You can find them wearing chains on their hip, and eyeliner on the lower lids of their eyes.

Seniors Jesse Walkup and Savannah Reeves as an E-boy and E-girl.