Paix on Jalatus – Continued


Neptune, the site of Paix’s banishment.

Keira Smith, Staff Writer

Let us continue on from the last part of the story where we found out Paix was corrupted by power and determined to take revenge on the people who dare to ever make fun of him or bully him…

“I’m going to overthrow you one day and be the king!” declared one bully in order to make himself feel bigger and better than the king and queen’s son. This made Paix absolutely furious. Fuming, he showed the bully what real power looked like, but used too much of it in a bad way in the process. He never meant to hurt anyone, yet ended up scaring so many citizens and aliens that his parents banished him from Jalatus.┬áHe was banished to a nearby teal and dark blue with spots called Neptune, a part of our Solar System.

Telling his story later, Paix would remind listeners that Neptune was one of the coldest planets recorded in all of history. “I was sent there to live until I could grow up and prove myself worthy of the mere throne. I was angry and upset. I didn’t know what to do after my own parents did this to me. I bet they fed themselves one of those cheesy lines like We did it for your own good.” Paix laughed. “After years of training to get revenge on that bully I figured out how to return to Jalatus and get past the magical border around my home planet that was specifically designed to keep me and only me out. I found that the bully had indeed become king, and a great one. It made my blood boil. But as I watched him play with young children I came to believe he had changed for the good. My opinion was confirmed when he apologized to me deeply, knelt, and handed my crown back to me. All he wanted in exchange was my promise that I would never again try to hurt anyone. I promised and we became best friends.”