What Do Your Eyes Say About You?


Gray is the rarest eye color. Pxfuel, DMCA.

Sydney Feamster, Staff Writer

We all have eyes, and the range of human eye colors includes brown, blue, hazel/amber, green, and grey/other.

Many people do not realize how rare some eye colors are, according to Very Well Health. In the world’s population, the most common eye color is brown: 55% to 79% of people have brown eyes. The next most common color is blue: 8% to 10% of people have blue eyes. Ten percent of people have hazel/amber eyes, while the second rarest eye color is green–only 2% of people have green eyes. The most rare eye color is grey/other with fewer than 1% of people falling into this category.  

Did you know that your eye color can tell a good bit about you? According to Adelaide City Optometrist, if you have brown eyes you are said to be independent, determined, and confident, but fail to stay humble. Blue-eyed people are said to have a calm and peaceful personality and are representative of wisdom and knowledge. Hazel/amber-eyed people are said to be full of positive energy. Green eyes are said to be associated with mystery. Those with grey/other eye color are said to be calm, organized, and keep to themselves!

Eyes make people interesting and beautiful no matter what color your eyes are. You can look at someone’s eyes and see a shade of that color that you have never seen before. No two people in this world have the same eye color as each other and that is why your eye color makes you so special.