New Skate Shop Opens in Ronceverte


The exterior of the Ronceverte Skate Shop.

Kinsey Baldwin, Staff Writer

On March 17, local business owners James and Joanne Holt opened the Ronceverte Skate  Shop located at 543 Edgar Avenue in downtown Ronceverte. The shop offers BMX bikes, clothes, hats, shoes, backpacks, skate gear, and more! 

The shop found inspiration for their logo–a monkey playing cymbals–in the history of the town. In 1906, a rail car full of 300 circus monkeys were found dead due to the train being stalled inside the Big Bend Tunnel in Hinton. Once discovered, the deceased monkeys were buried in Ronceverte. The rubber duck memorial on the wall of the skate shop symbolizes Ronceverte’s River Festival, an event the town is well known for.

For a long time, Ronceverte has been a ghost town when it comes to business, with not a lot to offer. The opportunity local businesses like the Ronceverte Skate Shop and the Sportsman Tavern are now bringing to the community give Ronceverte the chance to go from a rundown town to a thriving business hub and a fun place to be!

The outside of the Ronceverte Skate Shop