Fiction: Paix On Jalatus

Imaged by the Magellan 10 mission. Credit: NASA/JPL

Imaged by the Magellan 10 mission. Credit: NASA/JPL

Keira Smith, Staff Writer

On a planet in another galaxy, far away from the solar system of the Milky Way, is a planet from the Andromeda Galaxy. There is a certain planet in that galaxy that goes by the name Jalatus. It’s a dull yellow and orange colored planet.  It’s known for its strong aura and all of the really strong powers that are created or that people hold there. There are all kinds of powers and types of magic that exist on that planet. 

There is quite the population on Jalatus and it is still continuing to grow. It is currently at 343, 564 residents, or aliens. There are two different types of magic, the only types of magic that match the planet colors: Manipulation of Lightning for the Yellow Powers, and the Orange Powers contain Mind Control and Telepathy. Everyone on the planet is born with one of those types of power…

One day a new member of the royal family (the members of which had the most powerful powers, Gold) was born. Those who wielded Gold could combine yellow and orange powers, and use both whenever they wished. The royals named their son “Paix” (French for “peace”). But for a human name, since the planet had some human-like residents, the royals named their son Fred. He had been born with powers like no other; they were dull but strong, and his aura was the darkest this world had ever seen.

His parents had to find a way to keep Paix’s dark powers from the rest of the planet; they didn’t want anyone to freak out and think he was weird and try to overthrow the family’s rule. Paix grew older learning that he needed to hide his powers, so he did. People seemed to love him, and not just for his title as a royal, so he always had people to hang out with. However, one day an older kid decided to make fun of Paix, which upset him so much that he punched the bully with a dark and misty blast of force. Everyone stared at Paix, very scared. From that moment on Paix was never the same. He was never nice to anyone and used his powers for evil.

Find out next time whether Paix experiences karma or ends up changing.