Fiction: The Loch Moncove Monster


Photo from Reddit.

Keira Smith, Staff Writer

It started on a sunny day in West Virginia with many people crowding the shores of peaceful Moncove Lake. The sand was nice and toasty when I sat down with my family on our towels before going for a dip. My brothers rushed to the waterline shedding their shirts, socks, and shoes along the way. Right before they decided to jump in, they saw a fin glide through the surface of the blue water and shrieked in fear. They ran back to my aunt and uncle shouting, “Shark!”

We never returned.

Many other people were scared off by whatever was in Moncove Lake that day. No one dared to try to find out what was in the water. They were too frighted by the rumor of something with the shape of a shark fin slicing the surface. No one put in the effort to try to solve the mystery until one day two detectives decided to investigate and figured out that the triangular shape was just a turtle’s head all along!