The Potential Fashion Trends of Summer 2023

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Myrna Hamilton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In recent outfits, you see a combination of boho, chic, rustic, etc. That is what makes our style so versatile, and there are some plain pieces that you can acquire to have the same fashion.

A crochet top ranging from teal to just plain off-white is a staple piece that is very much in style right now and, surprisingly, fits the style of many different aesthetics. In outfits online, you can see the two different tops being worn with two different types of styles.

Another staple is a bandana. You can increase the viability of your outfit with a simple or colorful bandana like the ones shown online, especially on Pinterest. Jean shorts, cropped neon tanks, and colorful pants are also good staple pieces that you can arrange into many different outfits.

Now let’s get on the topic of shoes. Shoes are important–if not the most important–pieces of your outfit. You can make a low-dressed outfit fancy with a simple pair of booties or heels, or make a chic outfit a little sporty or street-style with a pair of dunks or basic kicks.

If you are interested in fashion and what type of aesthetic fits you, I suggest going on Pinterest or TikTok to find outfit ideas that fit your personality; there are many to choose from!

Air Max 90 Leather GS 'Black Light Arctic Pink' | GOATMy favorite staple pieces right now are bandanas, my crochet top, a black loose romper, my shoes, and a good pair of jeans. These are very versatile and can go with anything.