Tom Brady Retiring. Again.


Tom Brady as a Buc. Jared.C. Tilton, Getty Images 2021.

Sydney Feamster, Staff Writer

After 23 seasons of NFL football, Tom Brady has decided to retire for good this time-at least that is what he is saying.

In 2022, Brady announced he would retire, but only a few weeks later he decided to come out of retirement and play another year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not everyone was excited about this news. Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s wife, said that he only focused on football and then in his off-season worked on his other businesses as well as trained for the next football season. She felt that she was the only one ever doing anything. She took care of the house and the kids while working as a model. He was not the partner Gisele Bündchen needed. 

Brady accomplished many things in his 21 years of playing football, including winning seven Super Bowls and being voted the most valuable player for five of those games. Tom Brady is one of the greatest football players that the NFL has ever had. He worked hard to make it where he did; football has been his whole life and he will lead a different life in the future. When he looks back, however, he might regret not retiring in 2022. That could have been another year with his family. In three years, his oldest child will be off to college, and his other children will soon follow.

When Brady went back to the NFL, he did not consider the impact it had on his family. Why didn’t Brady just stay retired?