New Year’s resolutions


Abigail Woolard, Co- Editor-in-Chief

New Year’s resolutions are something everyone usually makes. Sometimes the pledges are to lose weight, quit smoking, learn something new, or maybe start putting money into a retirement fund. But less than 8 % of people actually keep their resolutions.  According to the University of Alabama Medicine News’s “The Top Ten Secrets of New Year Resolutions,” the most common plan is to get exercise to become healthy. There are many types of resolutions, however. Junior Alyson Mcmanamay said, “My New Year’s resolution is to try to make an art portfolio before the end of the year.” This could be a challenging thing to do. 

Here are a few ways McManamay and the rest of us can remember how to keep our resolutions:

  1. Start with specific micro goals. If your resolution is losing weight, maybe start by slowly changing your diet instead of rushing into it. 
  2. Document your progress. Write down how you are doing, because if you look back at steady progress it can help you stay motivated.
  3. Embrace the buddy system. Find someone who has similar goals to yours, which allows you to motivate each other to keep going.
  4. Ask others to keep you accountable. Sometimes it’s hard to do something on your own, so have a friend or a family member help keep you in check
  5. Reward yourself for achievements. If you do something correctly, then celebrating can help you strive to achieve your next goal.

These are just a few ways to try to keep your resolutions. Just take your time and allow yourself room to mess up. Everyone messes up sometimes so there is no need to beat yourself up over it. If you follow some of these steps then you can stick to your resolutions and reach your goal!!