Fall Fashion Trends

Bold prints and colors are all the rage this autumn


Fall Fashion Trends 2022.

Indigo Graves, Co-Editor-In-Chief

This fall we are seeing a lot of old trends popping up in different ways. Luxury leather and faux fur are fabrics that can be seen everywhere. Statement pieces such as outrageous bags or colorful boots over a plain outfit are extremely popular, especially collector pieces, designer pieces from past seasons, or vintage or thrifted pieces. Sheer clothing is at peak popularity and can be seen all over the Instagram pages of celebs. Power suits have made a comeback, and have been here for a few seasons. Fashion experts say it will be here for a while too. Along with that, blazers are becoming more and more multi-use; from a meeting outfit for work to just going to the grocery store, they are very versatile, and easily can be dressed up or down. This fall in popular magazines and on runways, plaid patterns are popping up along with lime green.

A few years ago we saw trends from the ’80s returning: scrunchies, crop tops with baggy pants, and bold patterns. This year, we are seeing a sudden resurgence of  Y2K fashion that originated from the early ’90s hip-hop scene.

These trends can be seen in Vogue magazines, on the runway at the fall edition of New York fashion week, and on your very own Instagram feed. To keep up with them just visit your local Goodwill or shop at an online store called Depop.