Does DASANI Add to Your Thirst?


Bottled salt?

Raelyn Eggleston, Staff Writer

DASANI is supposed to be a refreshing purified water beverage made to quench your thirst. But have you ever drunk DASANI and thought, “Hhmmm…this tastes strange”? Well, what if I told you it was because DASANI actually puts salt in their beverages? Yep, you heard that right: salt. Now, why would DASANI (owned by The Coca-Cola Company) include sodium in their bottled waters? Some people claim that DASANI does it to add to the “flavor.” Can this be true? Do you honestly know anyone who prefers to have salt in their drinks? Because I don’t.

I believe DASANI adds sodium for another reason.

When you eat something salty it makes you thirsty, right? There exist many claims on the internet that DASANI adds sodium in order to leave consumers craving more water. If the water is salty and their thirst is not quenched, people will buy and drink even more water. Maybe this is why venues like fairs, schools, gyms, and workplaces so often supply DASANI–because if it is sold in highly populated places where people are more likely to be thirsty, then the company will maximize profits. According to DASANI’s website, however, “The amount of sodium in DASANI is negligible and the Food and Drug Administration classifies DASANI as a ‘very low sodium food.’”

Other water brands such as Life Water, Aquafina, Voss, Deer Park, and Smartwater do not list salt in their ingredients, so why does DASANI? What do you think? Is parent company Coca-Cola manipulating the public to make more money, or is the added sodium argument just a conspiracy theory? Leave us a comment about your experience with DASANI water.