The Senses of Fall

The Wild Bean. Photo from

Myrna Hamilton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Fall has come upon us, so the infamous “pumpkin spice and everything nice” season is well underway. For the citizens of Lewisburg and surrounding cities and towns, fall means The Wild Bean and Manic Espresso have come out with new flavors.

The Wild Bean (also known as “The Bean” to locals), is the hot spot for a snack or lunch accompanied by a tasty drink and a relaxing conversation with your friends to refresh your day with good vibes. As soon as the brisk cold air swoops through your hair, you’re just craving that warm spice to remind you of leaves falling and holiday decorations.

Rachel Warner of Lewisburg opened Manic Espresso in August, 2021, and it has been a hot spot for students ever since. Manic varies its flavors every so often, and with so many options, it’s a playground for (fellow) indecisive people. The new drinks coming out this season make a hefty list that includes Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato, Butterscotch Caramel Latte, Hocus-Pocus Lotus, and many more. Manic Espresso found out last fall that Starbucks was coming to Lewisburg, but I doubt Manic has anything to worry about considering their authenticity and great flavors.

I’ve had some great experiences at both businesses. I used to go to The Bean almost every day to study during COVID, and the environment was so warm and welcoming in a time of loneliness and darkness in our community. Even now, going to The Bean, the people are still so welcoming. It brings a smile to my face to go there and order my Avocado Melt and White Chocolate Dream for some nostalgia. Manic, although a drive-through, has that same warmth with familiar faces greeting you and handing your drink through the window. I would enjoy having a sit-down experience at Manic, too, though, so I hope they will expand into a full coffee shop.

Whether you’ve got this far, or just skipped to the end of my story, this is your reminder to go out and enjoy your warm (or cold) cup of coffee and absorb the relaxing fall energy you’ve been longing for all year.