Back-to-School Tips for Freshmen & Sophomores


There is no doubt school has become more challenging post-pandemic.

Keira Smith, Staff Writer

High school. Love it or hate it, it’s become more of a challenge since the COVID pandemic, so here are a few tips and examples to help you through.

Teachers – High school teachers are pretty strict and will keep an especially close eye on your behavior during freshman and sophomore years.I see some underclassmen act wild and hyper. Sure, you’re still maturing, but high school is the time to learn to control yourself and actually get your work done.

Relationships – It’s important to form positive connections with your teachers, administrators, and classmates, so be organized and on time, challenge yourself, and stand up to bullying whenever you see it. Don’t skip class!

Classes – For your electives, choose classes that interest you or pop out in some way. You may wind up with opportunities to connect with both upper- and underclassmen. You need to know where your classes are located! Freshmen should take advantage of Freshman Orientation, but sophomores will have to scope out where their classrooms are on their own, and it’s never too early to begin noticing how the school is laid out.

As long as you follow these tips you should be set, but here is one last piece of advice. Freshman year is the hardest and sophomore year is the easiest. I suggest being ready to really buckle down as a junior. Why? Because if you get tougher classes out of the way during junior year, your senior year can be more relaxed.

Anyone else have advice for our freshmen and sophomores? Be sure to leave a comment!