Mainstream Spirituality

Practicing Padmasana.

Practicing Padmasana.

Gwen Brown, Staff Writer

Witchcraft was first classified as “wicca” and its true followers “wiccans.” Originally, wicca was a polytheistic belief system consisting of deities, rituals, and the worship of nature. As spiritually was commercialized, wiccan practices were morphed and appropriated to fit what is most socially acceptable and appealing. 

Especially today, the concept of authentic spirituality has been lost within the mainstream media. Modernity has consumed spirituality, as the internet has made its cultural background easy for the general public to access. Mainstream spirituality (MS) often consists of items like crystals or tarot cards, but lacks the depth and self-work that actual spirituality requires. 

People today often see spirituality as a trend rather than a path of enlightenment, only focusing on its more aesthetically pleasing aspects. Whereas genuine spirituality is sacred–an internal experience that takes time and practice–MS is generally a commercialized industry, a form of consumerism that shows no concern for tradition.

Tarot cards have always played a role in the practice of spirituality, but today have become a popular TikTok trend. This platform makes it easy for multiple Tarot readers and psychics to lie and take advantage of their audience. These gurus often keep their readings vague so that they apply to the life of any viewer. However, collective readings don’t apply to every person who views them, and making them believe so blurs the line between fake and real spirituality.  

“Occasionally on my social media, I see an abundance of advice being explained,” GEHS alumni Courtney Pieta said. “It always seems to fit what’s going on in my life at that time of my life, popping up at suspiciously convenient times.” 

In short, spirituality originated as a personal belief system of enlightenment, but has been drastically manipulated over time. Now, people see spirituality as something that’s appealing to the eye but doesn’t go below surface level. The wellness and spiritual industry used to be dominated by small businesses and other individuals, but was swallowed whole by large corporations. Social media, along with these large companies that profit off of selling fake crystals and culturally appropriated items have completely contorted authentic spirituality and what it means.