Barks Madness Voting: Round Three


Round 3 of Barks Madness is live NOW! You can vote until Saturday!

Ashlee Thompson & Liana Brooks, Editors

Barks Madness Round 2 is complete!

Congratulations to our winners: Sky, Jax, Floyd, Winston, Tank, Dozer, Leo, Tigger, Vinnie, Tate, and Rudy!


Round 3 is open now, but we have switched a few things up…

In order to make sure voting in the rest of the rounds goes as smoothly as possible, we have brought back some familiar faces!

The top 5 most voted pets from the last 2 rounds have been brought back for a second shot to win!

Welcome back Krazy Kevin, Millie, River, Pretty Boy, and Dutchess.

–> CLICK HERE For Barks Madness Round 3 Voting <–

Voting closes on Saturday, April 2. Come back for Round 4 (Elite 8) on Monday!