Barks Madness Round One Winners


The round one winners of Barks Madness are here!

Ashlee Thompson & Liana Brooks, Editors

Congratulations to our Barks Madness round one winners!

We had a great turnout of 44 pets entered in the competition, but sadly not all of them can go through.

With a total of 295 votes, here are the round one winners:

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  • Floyd

  • Rosie

  • Jax

  • Tate

  • Timmie

  • Sky

  • Dozer

  • Tank

  • Belle

  • Rudy

  • Bailey

  • Murphy

  • Ace

  • Winston

  • Tank & Molly

  • Leo

  • Julio

  • Lukas

  • Tigger

  • Odessa

  • Vinnie

  • Dixie

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-Floyd     -Rosie     -Jax     -Tate     -Timmie     -Sky     -Dozer     -Tank

-Belle     -Rudy     -Bailey   -Murphy     -Ace     -Winston     -Tank & Molly

-Leo     -Julio     -Lukas     -Tigger     -Odessa     -Vinnie     -Dixie

Congratulations to all of the winners! The race was extremely close between many of the pets. One of the closest races was between Dixie and Krazy Kevin, with the former winning by just 5 votes!

Thank you once again to all who submitted animals to the competition. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Round 2 of voting will begin on Monday, March 28.