Gym Class: Paradise or Agony?


Girls’ Gym Class, ca. 1901 by Boston City Archives

Myrna Hamilton, Staff Writer

Gym class: The thing that some of us love and some despise.

Gym class is a period in school that you have to take for at least two semesters to receive your diploma. In gym class, the goal is to reach and complete the 30 minutes of daily exercise that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Greenbrier East has two gym teachers: Coach Lee and Coach Baker.

Sophomore Alyssia Ratliff is a huge fan of WVU men’s basketball and enjoys expressing that passion both in the gym and by playing basketball in the Lewisburg rec league. Ratliff said that she likes the class because she ”enjoys hanging out with my friends and shooting basketball.” Ratliff went on to recall past times in gym class at Lewisburg Elementary School: “’Just Dance’ at LES is my favorite memory of gym class, including Mr. Shaver giving us beef jerky.” Although Ratliff enjoys gym class, there’s one con: the mile run.

Sophomore Ada Cunningham agreed: “I don’t like the part in gym class where we have to run or do push ups.” Cunningham has Coach Baker, but had Coach Lee the previous year. Some students think gym class is the worst period because of the exercises they have to do, but if you’re familiar with physical activity, then it comes easy and is fun. Cunningham said, “I don’t feel intimidated in gym class because I’m good at physical activities.”

I feel that when students become involved in gym without fear of being judged by others, it makes the experience that much better. For me, there are many memories from past gym classes and many more to come. If you don’t participate in gym class, then I encourage you to do at least 30 minutes of daily exercise on your own time to help you concentrate, reduce your health risks, and increase your chances of living longer.