West Side Story


West Side Story. Credit 20th Century Studios/Disney

Abigail Woolard, Staff Writer

On the harsh streets of New York City’s Upper West Side, two gangs battle for control over their territory. But what happens when two of their members fall in love and have to fight through pain and tears just to be with each other?  

It’s West Side Story, the classic modern Romeo and Juliet story that we all love, set to music. I’ve always hated when people give spoilers about movies, so if you’re looking for spoilers here then you’re looking in the wrong place. All I can say is that if you want a good plot twist and a heartwarming movie, WSS is the film for you. 

The main characters are Tony (ex-leader of the Jets ) and Maria (the sister of the leader of the Sharks). These two characters meet in uncommon circumstances and begin to form an odd relationship. But when the gangs find out about Maria and Tony’s secret love affair, they will do anything to stop them from being together. Will the young lovers be able to withstand the pressure from both families to end their relationship, or will they burn bridges with life-long friends and family? Watch to find out!!