Covid-19 Superstitions 


A syringe holding vaccine.

Abigail Woolard, Staff Writer

According to the American Medical Association, Covid-19 has become the most common virus worldwide. Only 57.7% of the US has been vaccinated for Covid-19, and statistics say that there are 182 deaths a day. If you have been keeping up with the news, you know that many media outlets have been blaming the increase of Covid cases and deaths on those who refuse to get the vaccine: so-called “anti-vaxxers.” Anti-vaxxers’ beliefs are wide-ranging. While some feel that the vaccine causes serious side effects because it was rushed to market too soon, others believe that the virus itself was either manufactured by the U.S. government or is being used as medical warfare by China and other U.S. rivals. One major conspiracy theory is that the internal structure of the virus is way too perfect to have jumped species from bats to humans, but was instead engineered to control the population. In this scenario, the government wants this to happen and will allow the virus to kill U.S. citizens until we reach a certain death “quota.” 

What do you believe? Did Covid arise naturally through some intermediary animal, like bats, or was the virus engineered by the Chinese or U.S. government? If so, was it purposely or accidentally leaked? Take our poll and let us know.


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