The Lore: Mischief

The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Luca Giordano.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Luca Giordano.

Kain Fleshman, Staff Writer

“What do you mean the prince isn’t here?” Korn felt panic rise in his chest.

“The sailors I spoke to said he had passed through here earlier today but hadn’t stopped to speak with them as he usually does,” Kenai explained.

“Did they say where he was headed?” 

“The sailors said he was headed south with two Anima women,” Kenai said.

Korn tightened the cord around his robe. “I’m going to search the surrounding areas south from here. If I find the prince I’ll send up a light.” 

Kenai nodded. “I’ll question the stone spawn and see if they have more clues.” 

“Perfect. Allow me to excuse myself then.”

“Be well, my friend.”

“Same to you.” Korn bowed before rocketing into the air, knocking Kenai and her hat to the ground from the force of the wind. Kenai stood up and dusted off her white and green coat. She picked up her tall hat and smoothed her green hair before placing the hat back on her head. “He could have given me a second to step back.” 

Korn searched the area from the air, questions spinning in his head. Where had the prince gone? Why had the prince run away if not to commune with the sailors? Who were the Anima women accompanying him? Spotting a figure in a forest clearing below, Korn dived, hoping to question the person. He landed in the clearing with a tremendous boom, creating a small crater around him. Korn stood to see a blue-haired Anima woman cowering on the ground, her rabbit-like ears laid flat against the top of her head as she shielded her face.

“My apologies, Miss, I mean you no harm.” Korn offered an arm to the frightened woman, who moved her hand to see Korn’s face. The warmth emanating from the smiling angel calmed her. She took Korn’s hand and he helped her to her feet.

“I’m sorry, My Lord…You startled me.” 

Korn bowed his head. “The fault is mine, Miss…?” 


“Miss Kimiko, have you seen the Prince of Naimon?” 

Kimiko’s tail bristled at the mention of the prince. “No, I haven’t. I must be off. My sister is waiting for me.” Kimiko’s words were like ice as she turned away from the angel. 

“Wait a minute, Kimiko!” Korn grabbed her shoulder and immediately caught a fist to his stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs. He keeled over and began coughing and wheezing trying to catch his breath. He looked up just in time to see Kimiko disappear into the forest, leaving a trail of dust behind her. 

“She shouldn’t be able to hit that hard…” Korn said, getting to his feet. He fired off a flare of magic and then rocketed after the Anima woman. Korn weaved through the trees like a hawk after its prey. Tree branches broke as they collided with his wings. 

Kimiko was lightning fast, scurrying through the underbrush trying to lose her pursuer; she had to get to her sister–the two of them would be able to stand up to the angel. She crashed into a clearing with Korn trailing not far behind. As Korn finally broke through the treeline, a hint of a smile played on Kimiko’s lips; she also heard her sister moving through the trees. 

Korn entered the clearing, using his full speed to close the gap between him and the blue-haired woman. 

Korn was suddenly slammed by another Anima woman whose powerful kick flung him into the trees at the edge of the clearing. The trunk of a massive tree snapped and Korn found himself slumped at the bottom of the fresh stump. He looked up to see Kimiko and the other Anima woman approaching. The new woman had short, almost white hair with blue patches, and her cat-like ears were smaller than the other’s. 

“Does he rise?” Kimiko asked, her ears twitching.

“Fear not, sister. No one could survive that kick, angel or not.” 

“You are correct–no mortal could survive that kick.” Korn rose from the ground, his golden wings extending, shining in the dim light of the clearing. “But I’m not exactly mortal.” His voice took on a dangerous tone: “Where is the prince?” 

“We just–” the second Anima woman began.

“Tell him nothing, Himiko!” Kimiko yelled. “We do not wish for the prince to be found.”

“Fine. But answer me this…Why take the prince in the first place? You are Anima are you not?” Korn knew the Anima people to be a kind and peaceful one. Kimiko and Himiko laughed at him.

“I was told our disguises would fool even the strongest of mages, but I didn’t expect them to fool you, Oh great protector.” Kimiko’s words were filled with pride and slyness.

“Disguises?” Korn pondered.

“Yes, disguises.” Kimiko’s and Himiko’s forms appeared to shimmer like light reflecting off water. As their fair skin turned purple, Kimiko’s left sleeve hardened into armor and a sword the size of one of Korn’s wings materialized in her opposite hand. Their ears shrank and were replaced by large horns. Himiko’s spiraled around the size of her head while Kimiko’s grew tall from her forehead. A scythe formed in Himiko’s hand and the light vanished. 

Kimiko’s sword dragged along the ground while Himiko’s scythe rocked back and forth as the two circled Korn.

“So be it.” Korn prepared himself, dropping the right side of his robe to free one of his hands. “Let us begin.”

End Chapter Five