The Absolute Glory of Chores!

Look at that smile!

Look at that smile!

Caliyah Newsome, Staff Writer

I think we can agree that chores are the highlight of every week. Coming home from school and sports completely exhausted and then enjoying the relaxing and not-at-all annoying tasks that our parents love to call chores. From doing laundry to cleaning the kitchen, the possibilities are endless! That might be the best part about it: Your parents always have something for you to do. 

One thing I notice that makes chores more enjoyable than they already are is when your sibling lies and says that they were the last person to take down the trash cans. This benefits me because even though I was the one to do it last time, I get the wonderful opportunity to do it again. Who wouldn’t want to do something that was their brother or sister’s turn to do? I can hear the conversation in my head: “It’s Caliyah’s turn to do that,” my sister would say, then I would excitedly respond, “Yes, of course, my lovely sister! I will do it just so you won’t have to, and it will not result in me throwing something at you later.” Remember kids, never fight with your siblings. It’s not nice and you won’t feel good about it later even though siblings are the one thing that gets on your nerves more than chores. Pretend I didn’t say that last part…I love my chores!

And how could I forget cleaning my room? The clothes I threw everywhere throughout the week while trying to find something to wear are just calling my name, waiting to be picked up. The cups and water bottles that sit on my nightstand also need to be picked up and carried to the kitchen, the next room I will have the opportunity to clean. The moral of this story is: If you don’t love to do your chores you’re probably just weird.