Pros and Cons of Online School


Students certainly have upped their technology game.

Arabella Peters, Staff Writer

Most kids would jump at the idea of not going to school, myself included. But is remote learning really better?

This year has given students the opportunity to see what online school is really like. I think we can all agree that it has its ups and downs. In my opinion, online school can be more challenging. A lot of times I have questions about assignments and no one to ask. I’m sure my teachers would be more than happy to help, but it’s not as simple as raising your hand. Online classes don’t give us the chance to interact with our peers, which may not seem like a big deal, but being around different people is an important part of growing up. Plus, with no structure, it is harder to stay on task and turn in assignments on time. Before you jump to conclusions, let’s talk about the good part. 

Online school is much safer! March, 2020 was the first month without a school shooting since 2002. With less contact with others you are less likely to get a sickness like the flu. We have more time to spend with friends, to work, or just lie around the house. Online schooling has forced us all to learn more about technology, which in today’s ever-changing world is an important skill. With less travel and less paper use, online school causes less pollution. 

Everyone’s online school experience is going to be different. Things like how well you stay focused and how well you stay on top of your work will have a huge effect on your grades. Whether or not you have outside help (parents, tutors, etc.) will also affect how well you do. Keeping all this in mind, what is your opinion? Please answer the poll beside this story.