The Lore: Impararen


Raphael’s The School of Athens.

Kain Fleshman, Staff Writer

The two winged deities, Korn and Bord, flew through the heavens and landed at Heaven’s Palace. The largest structure in Realm Peace, Heaven’s palace was made of gold and polished marble, and a grand staircase led up to its divine doors. Angels, humans, and demons alike came and went through the doors. 

“Welcome to Heaven’s Palace, my lord!” Korn, who had spent nearly a century on its construction, beamed with pride. 

Bord seemed only mildly impressed with the massive structure before him. He seemed more interested in the crowd. “Why are all these people here, Korn?”

“Heaven’s Palace is where the races meet and mingle in Realm Peace. It also has the largest library in all the realms, containing the knowledge of centuries. Many peoples? pass through here for one reason or another,” Korn explained.

“This library, what knowledge resides within it?” 

“All knowledge, my lord: Everything that was thought important enough to be remembered resides in this library.” 

Bord was curious. “Even your creation?”

“Yes my lord,” Korn said. “Follow me and I shall show you our knowledge.” 

Bord motioned for the smaller angel to lead the way and the pair made their way through the massive open doors.

The inside of the palace was full of different races. Angels and demons flew in the corridors, while humans, trols, elvens, and anima walked upon the ground. 

“Human scholars often visit to work out theories and test new magics,” Korn said. “However, the Trols have been known to have some of the best scholars and spell-sayers in all the realms.” 

“What are these Trols? I do not remember partaking in their creation,” Bord asked.

“They are creatures of extremes,” Korn explained. “They were born of the Vorkinlin into Realm Strife.” 

Bord nodded. “The magics of this land were brought about the same way?”

“Yes my lord,” Korn smiled. He led Bord down the center hall of the palace and into the massive library, then began walking through the stacks as if he were looking for something. 

Even though he was a god, Bord felt minuscule among the massive shelves filled with books, scrolls, and even stone tablets, but he was enamored with the knowledge that lay before him. He reached out and grabbed a book, and in an instant knew its contents. “Theodore Laddington the second is the current prince of the kingdom of Naimon,” he said in an almost trance-like state.

Korn looked shocked, “Th-that’s correct… How did you know?”

“I touched the book and I knew. His father, King Theodore Laddington, fought off the tyrant king, Harold Varmbusker, with help from… you…”

“Harold had an odd hairstyle for a king,” Korn recalled. “My lord, with this power you’ll be able to learn our history by simply walking through the library!” He clapped his hands and a woman with large white wings and glasses materialized.

“Yes, Lord Korn?”

“Yatlor! How are you?” Korn smiled.

“I am well.” Yatlor yawned without covering her mouth. “How may I assist you and your powerful friend here?” 

“Excitable as ever, I see,” Korn joked. “Can you please show my friend around and teach him our history?”

“Yes, my lord.” Yatlor bowed, turned to Bord, and stuck out her hand. Bord grabbed it and the two disappeared immediately. 

“Probably should have warned him about that…” Korn rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

A short elven woman in a long white coat and a white top hat with a green band walked up behind Korn. Korn turned and brightened in recognition, only to grab at empty air. The woman reappeared to his left. Korn reached toward her again, but, laughing, she vanished again. A smile danced across Korn’s lips as he reached out a third time just as the elven woman reappeared above him. She fell right into Korn’s arms and they both laughed. Korn set her on her feet and bowed. “Master Kenai,”

“Lord Korn.” Kenai bowed in return, then both straightened, smiling. Kenai adjusted her hat.

“Being the spell-sayer to the kingdom of Naimon must be draining, my friend. How do you have the energy to play?” 

“I rally seeing you, Korn, but I am truly exhausted. The prince has gone missing.” 


End of Chapter 4