What’s Up With Sports This Year?


Mr. Allder

Preseason tennis practice.

Kayla Buckmaster, Staff Writer

Winter sports started back up in February, as most of us know, but what about spring sports?

Spring sports such as track and baseball usually begin meeting in January for preseason workouts; however, this year they began at the end of February due to Covid restrictions. I spoke about this change with Mr. Allder, who coaches tennis, and he said he thinks he’ll have fewer people on the tennis team this season since fall sports such as football and soccer are holding spring workouts to make up for missed time, forcing students to decide which sport they feel is more important. In addition, because spring sports had their season cut short last year, recruiting has been affected. 

After interviewing Athletic Director Sheryl Hulmes, I feel confident that any student could do a winter and spring sport at the same time. Since there is only about a month where the two overlap, Hulmes said coaches have agreed to have athletes split their time between the sports. We also discussed basketball games, which are being held inside with attendance limits similar to those of football games: Only parents and immediate family, including grandparents, may attend. Cheerleaders will cheer at home games but with only half the squad; the halves will switch out every other game.

I’m very confident this is going to work well,” Hulmes said.