Aquarius Season


The constellation of Aquarius is associated with water in a number of cultures.

Kayli DePriest

Astrologically speaking, “Aquarius season” is January 20 – February 18. The Aquarius sign is a fixed sign and because of that, Aquarians are fighters for equality and innovation. There are four fixed signs, one falling in every season. They are said to be the “water bearers,” or providers, for all because they are the most emotional of the signs.

Many astrologists assert that the constellation Aquarius received its name from the Greek myth of Ganymede, a young man so impressive that Zeus disguised himself as an eagle to spy on him. Seeing how capable Ganymede was, Zeus appointed him cup holder to the gods. The constellation is associated with water in a number of other cultures, too. According to Thoughtco, in ancient China and India the star pattern was interpreted as a stream of water pouring from a pitcher, while the Egyptians saw it as a god associated with floods.