The Lore: The Old God and the World

Triumph of the Immaculate by Paolo Di Matteis.

Triumph of the Immaculate by Paolo Di Matteis.

Kain Fleshman, Staff Writer

Korn felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around, coming face to face with Bord.

“What took you so long my friend?” Korn heard the creator in his head.

“My lord!” Korn kneeled, pulling Ehan down with him. 

“What are you doing?”

“This is Bord, your creator, and mine,” Korn explained to a startled Ehan.

Bord smiled gently, offering a hand to Korn. He took it and stood to meet the large angel. Bord nodded at Ehan, who heard a single command in his head. “Rise”

Ehan looked shocked and rose to his feet. “I heard him… in my head?” Ehan questioned Korn. 

Korn reached his hand toward Bord’s forehead. “My lord, if I may?” Bord nodded. Korn placed two fingers on the angel’s head and spoke a single word, “Impararen.” A white glow emitted from Korn’s fingers for a few seconds then vanished. 

“Do you under–” Korn was interrupted by a group of four angels swooping down with golden spears to surround Bord.

“Identify yourself!” a dark-skinned, purple-winged angel shouted at Bord. 

“Hezius! Why have you come here?” Korn asked.

“I felt a massive power and came to assist you, my lord.” Bord moved to look at the angel, who immediately shifted his spear tip to Bord’s neck. “Don’t move.” 

“Kneel,” commanded Bord, and suddenly everyone except for Korn dropped to one knee and paid homage to the god that stood in front of them.

Ehan looked up from his lowered posture, wide eyed. “I-I can’t move,” he sputtered.

“Korn, explain this angel’s incivility,” Bord commanded. Korn fluttered his wings and rolled his shoulders as if he were adjusting a great weight.

“These angels only know of your legend, my lord; they do not realize that you are their creator.” 

“And these two,” Bord motioned at Hezius and Ehan. “Why are their wings that color?” 

“Many things have changed since your time,” Korn stated flatly.


“They’re half-breeds, sir, born from demon mothers.” 

Hezius felt the sweat run down his forehead as the old god looked down at him. He had never been in the presence of someone so powerful; not even Korn had the control over them that this god did.

“Remove yourself from my presence,” Bord commanded. The angels around him rose and flew away en masse. Korn had to physically stop himself from doing the same. 

“Will you teach me of this world, my old friend?” Bord asked the protector of his dream.

“Of course, my lord. Let us see this world together,” Korn obliged. The two took to the sky with a thunderous beat of their wings.