How to Get Out of Bad Habits: Procrastination Edition


Getting your day started and actually doing something will make you feel so much better.

Caliyah Newsome, Staff Writer

Procrastinating is one thing that I know everyone is familiar with. Everyone procrastinates, some people less than others, but we’ve all been there, especially people in high school. We all have responsibilities, anything ranging from chores to homework to getting to work on time. I’m not writing this to attack anyone or call anyone out. I’m writing this because it might feel nice knowing that you aren’t the only person that has a hard time getting out of this habit. 

If you ever find yourself having a hard time staying motivated, or being too willing to push all of your responsibilities to the side, here is my advice to you. 

Ask yourself: “Will lying here letting all these responsibilities pile up make me feel better in the long run?” The only answer is “no.” Letting all that you have to do build up will only build up your stress. Trying to get a lot of things done last minute that were meant to be done a long time ago just makes life so much harder on you.  

I know it can be really difficult to get out of bed sometimes, but push any–and I mean any–negative thoughts out of the way. Get yourself up, eat something, clean yourself up, and then go do something that you enjoy doing for a little while. If you don’t know what you enjoy doing, it never hurts to try something new.

After that, sit down and try to knock out as many of your responsibilities as you can. Getting your day started and actually doing something will make you feel so much better. Just start small and work your way up. If you happen to be reading this while you’re avoiding everything you have to do, take this as a sign to go accomplish something!