The Weeknd’s New Look: Real or Fake?


Abel Makkonen Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd.

Cody Cooper, Staff Writer

In early January, The Weeknd posted a picture of himself on Instagram showcasing his new face.

Fans were shocked at the image that looked nothing like the person they’ve known over the last seven years. Memes and TikToks based on the picture exploded. People compared the Canadian singer to “Spongebob”‘s Squidward character, who became known in one episode as Handsome Squidward after his face was smashed in a door. The Weeknd hasn’t commented.  

Most fans know that “After Hours,” the latest album in The Weeknd’s discography (at least until “Highlights” drops later this week), tells a story. Throughout this “Hours” era The Weeknd hasn’t looked the greatest, but that was part of the story. Having experienced him wearing red jackets and black leather gloves, as well as accepting his 2020 VMA with a bloody fake broken nose, major fans felt immediately that this new look tied in with the artist’s new “Save Your Tears” single, and was just a continuation of the “After Hours” story. Others, however, are convinced this look is real.