Why You Will Never Be Attractive


Marketing will never let you be beautiful.

Augusta Judy

Our bodies have been simplified into nothing more than a trend. Keeping up with the ever-changing standards of appeal is impossible. Yet, in a race with no victories, our superficial insecurities force us to run. 

The drive for allure is fueled by industries profiting off of low self-esteem. Each self-doubt equals a sale. From early childhood, we are already being told what features are deemed desirable by way of toys such as Barbie. As we get older these glorified features planted in our heads start to become relevant. We are told by countless movies and magazines that beauty does have a face, and it is not our own. So what can you do to be beautiful? You can buy mascara that will never make your eyelashes even resemble the model’s in the advertisement, who is clearly wearing falsies. Perhaps you could buy those miracle weight loss pills and develop an eating disorder, only to be informed that you are now too skinny to be considered attractive. Maybe you should buy a weight gaining drink instead.

Marketing will never let you be beautiful. 

The rebellious act of loving your body is the most detrimental to a system feeding on your insecurities. By reclaiming every societal-deemed flaw as perfection, you take away the beauty industry’s power over your money, self-image, and most importantly, your overall mental health. It is true and unfortunate to say that this system drags many people into depression and eating disorders. Therefore, by fighting for self-acceptance, you are inspiring others to do the same and potentially saving lives.