Why It’s a Good Idea to Keep a Blanket in Your Car


Kayla Buckmaster

Blankets spread warmth in more ways than one.

Kayla Buckmaster, Staff Writer

As we all know it’s been getting colder recently, and after being outside for a while it feels nice to come back in and snuggle up under a blanket. Some aren’t so fortunate as to be able to do that. However, Walmart has blankets for under $10 that you could easily buy and give to someone if you see them shivering outside. Jim’s Drive-in also has their coat rack up this year for those in need, whether you are a donor who has a coat that’s been sitting in your closet for the past few years or a person who needs one. Due to Covid-19 crippling the economy, many people have lost their jobs and times are tough. If you can give you should consider it deeply, because it will make you and the person you are giving to feel good. It would also be nice to have something warm in your car in case you break down somewhere.