Can the NFL Make it Through the Season Without a Covid-19 Outbreak?


Yahoo Sports

Keeping it safe.

Caliyah Newsome, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has affected everyone in the United States. Our economy and our schools have transformed to accommodate remote work and learning. Sports teams have had to make changes, too. National Football League fans have different opinions about whether or not teams should be playing during Covid-19. Some say cancel the games in order to keep players and fans safe, while others are just as convinced that watching their beloved sport is worth the risk.

The teams have been taking several precautions in order to assure that everyone stays safe and healthy. The question is, are these precautions working? Several teams have experienced positive cases, causing many games to be postponed or moved to different venues, but so far the season is limping along and no one has died or become seriously ill. According to The Washington Post, NFL players are tested daily, which is a good thing. If we expect the season to continue, daily testing for players is a critical part of minimizing risk. The Washington Post also states that if a player tests positive they can’t come back for 10 days, and not until 72 hours have elapsed since they last had symptoms of the virus.

It seems to me that the NFL is handling the situation very well. They are being careful and taking proper safety measures, and as a result there have been few positive cases.