The Lore

“The Tale of Creation” begins this fictional series


Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

Kain Fleshman, Staff Writer

In the beginning there existed a single, all-powerful entity. It was a being of pure energy, the concentration of energy from the death of the universe before. The being existed in a time before time, and a space before space, as a single consciousness. Eventually, the entity grew bored with the nothingness around it, and it began to create the realms: A realm of strife and passion, a realm of peace and wisdom, and finally a realm in between. The being watched over the realms with pride, but soon tired of looking upon the static landscapes, so the being introduced time to the realms, causing them to become ever-changing. 

Time passed; the entity again grew bored with its creation, wishing for moving pieces within the realms. The being tried to create life but experienced difficulty with the fine details. Then the entity had an idea: it would separate its consciousness from the collective and anchor itself in this reality. The entity would make itself a body like that of the holy beings from its universe. It would become a man with long red hair, massive feathered wings of gold, and a halo of gold. With this new body, the entity then took a small bit of the mass of energy and molded it into a similar shape to its own, creating an angel. This angel had a kind face, long gold hair, large gold wings, and a gold halo. The angel was tasked with helping the entity to create races to inhabit the realms.

The two beings set to work together, filling the realms with different creatures. In the realm of strife, they created beings similar to the beings believed to dwell in the underworld of the entity’s universe. With large, scaled wings, horns that protruded from their heads, red skin, and spaded tails the first demons were born. In the realm of wisdom, the pair created beings similar to themselves: angels with feathered, colorful wings, and glowing halos that levitated above their heads. Finally, in the realm in between, they created many different races: a brutish race with green skin, a kind and gentle race with pointed ears and deep bonds to magic, and a peaceful tribe with furry ears and tails. The entity and the angel considered the final species they created weaker than the others. The beings of this species resembled angels, but lacked wings and halos. They were given the gift of creativity, making up for their inherent physical weaknesses.

The entity, no longer connected to the mass of energy, grew tired after taking on the brunt of the labor of creating the races. It tasked the angel with protecting their creations from whatever harm might befall them. The angel took this duty seriously, and from the realm of peace watched over the other realms while the entity slept. As time passed and language developed, the story would be told about the bored god and the protector. In time the two would come to be known as God-King Bord and Korn the Protector.

End of the Tale of Creation

Coming next time in The Lore: Bord’s Awakening…

Bord awakens from his thousand-year slumber to a completely different world. Korn, sensing his king’s awakening, finds Bord, teaches him of the world, and leads him to his throne in the Realm of Peace.