The Maddie and Liana Showdown


The Maddie and Liana Showdown is an account on Instagram full of a variety of challenges.

Ashlee Thompson & Liana Brooks, Copy Editors

Do you want something to look at in your free time other than TikTok? We have a solution for you! We have an Instagram account filled with a variety of challenges including Snapchat timer pictures and music videos. 

The account,  @the_maddie_and_liana_showdown, was created on January 4th, 2020. It all started when sophomore Maddie Carver put on her private Snapchat story a timed photo of her and captioned it “Beat that, Liana.” Liana Brooks, another sophomore, has been taking timed photos for a while and replied, “This is war.” Then, the Maddie and Liana showdown was born. 

What exactly is the account? The account is run by sophomores Ashlee Thompson and Sheridan Tolley. Categories are created depending on the challenge and are sent to the competitors. The challenges are posted either every weekend or every other weekend. One picture from each competitor is posted side-by-side with a caption describing what the category is and how to vote. To vote, you can go to their Instagram story and click on which person you think did the best for each category. There is also an “Overall Vote” where you decide who did better out of the whole challenge. After a few hours when the majority of our followers have voted, we post the results. 

In the past, the winners have varied. For the first challenge, Maddie Carver won the majority vote and Liana Brooks won overall. On January 12th, Maddie Carver won the majority vote and both sophomores tied for overall. On February 2nd, Liana Brooks won both categories. 

Now that you have something to look at in your free time, make sure you follow our account (@the_maddie_and_liana_showdown) and go vote on our Instagram stories!