Top 20 Valentine’s Day Gifts and Date Ideas


Top 20 Valentine’s Day Gifts and Date Ideas

Kaya Pence, Staff Writer

Before buying anyone a Valentine’s Day gift, the first thing you need to do is pay attention to the interests of the person you are buying for. Some questions to ask yourself before buying are:

What music do they like?

What are their favorite sports teams?

What do they wear often?

What kind of candy do they like?

What are they allergic to?

If you have nothing in mind for date ideas or gifts, here are my top 20 ideas:

  1. chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, or candy
  2. giant teddy bear (or regular sized teddy bear)
  3. jewelry
  4. flowers
  5. go to the movies and/or out to eat
  6. stay at home, watch Netflix, and get takeout food
  7. buy them a gift card or go shopping
  8. anything for beauty or skincare
  9. candlelit dinner
  10. bath bombs, soaps, or bath set
  11. perfume or cologne
  12. a watch
  13. candles
  14. a sweatshirt, shirt, or socks,
  15. pajamas
  16. color-coded box gift (paint a box their favorite color, then fill it with candy and other small gifts of that color)
  17. personal care package
  18. ice skating
  19. make up a treasure hunt with hints at some of their favorite places
  20. go get ice cream