NASA’s Latest Discovery


Micah Fisher, Staff Writer

I’m sure everyone has wondered if there is life elsewhere than Earth. The answer is unknown; however, scientists at NASA have found some new planets, including one called TOI 700 d that has liquid water on its surface.

“Could life form on these planets around very small stars?” asks Joseph Rodriguez, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts. This is a question that, when answered, could change current views on religion and lead to advances in science. The downfall is that this could take a long time. Rodriguez also states, “We’re nowhere near it yet and we’re talking, probably, decades, if not much, much longer to answer this question. but we’re making steps towards arguably one of the biggest questions in science.”

This doesn’t just change advances in science, but it could redefine religion as we know it. If life could be sustained on another planet, then why isn’t there any? Or is there? Only time and progress will tell. These scientists are working hard day and night to reveal the secrets of planet TOI 700 d.