“Budget Summer”


Kayla Buckmaster

World’s Sexiest Man.

Kayla Buckmaster, Staff Writer

I have a history of doing seasons, so I couldn’t resist interviewing Greenbrier East students to get their take on spring.

Chloe Johnson said that her least favorite part of spring is the rising pollen count and her allergies flaring up again. I also talked to Mr. Rich’s 8th period class; they came to the conclusion that allergies are the worst part of spring. Brianna Williams said, “I like spring because of the flowers, and the weather.” Spring means getting closer to summer; for seniors that means getting closer to graduating (sorry freshmen). According to Peyton Robinette, spring is a “budget summer.” Senior Patrick Plaugher (aka Don-Lopez-George-Sandler-Adam) says that rainy days after a good pagan sacrifice is his favorite part of spring because it means the gods are appeased.

Personally, I enjoy spring because the temperature starts to rise, but I also dislike it because the pollen count goes up and my allergies start to bother me again. As we can see, there are positives to spring, like successful pagan rituals and winter leaving. There are also negatives, such as the fact that it is a “budget summer” and causes an increase in stuffy noses.

Finally, don’t forget to take allergy medication.