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Looking cute as ever.

Gillian Snyder, Co-Editor in Chief

Name, Age, Grade?

Lauren Rodgers, 15, 9th

How would you describe your style?

I’d say eclectic and funky. 

Favorite item you own?

I have a lot of favorites, but probably a blue corduroy jacket that was my mom’s, and my Converse. 

What’s your least favorite trend?

Scrunchies, Hey Dudes, and Twisted X’s. 

What are your winter necessities?

For sure sweaters and a good pair of boots. They take up most of my closet.

Where do you get most of your clothes?

I try to buy secondhand or from Madewell. 

What trends are you excited for in the new year?

Blundstone boots, cool belts and earrings. 

Who are your style inspirations?

Definitely my mom and Claire Cottrill.