Pepperoni Rolls!

The school lunch pizza of our generation.


Joshua Hardiman, Staff Writer

It is safe to say that for the majority of students, lunchtime is their favorite time of day. That is to be expected, as it’s a nice time to chill and eat and talk to your friends. For the most part the food is good, but it doesn’t always hit (how could it?). Now, think of all of the good lunches. A couple that stand out from the crowd are the holiday turkey dinners and Salisbury steak. Be that as it may, there is but one lunch that stands high above the competition. One lunch with the crowning honor of being the king of lunches: the pepperoni roll. Few food items have ever distinguished themselves like the pepperoni roll–it is purely the apex of what a school lunch can be. But this wasn’t always so.

If you asked your parents to think back to what their favorite school lunch was, the answer would most likely be pizza. Something about the way schools used to make their pizza has had a lasting effect on our parents; in comparison, the pizza we have today just doesn’t seem to fit their glowing description. That’s okay. Things change over time, and one of those things just so happens to be school lunch pizza, which has actually become a sort of a fond memory of a lot of adults thinking back to how good that pizza was, and how they wish they could have it just one more time.

This resonates with us today due to the fact that pepperoni roll day is sort of a monthly holiday here at school. Everyone looks forward to it, and I’m sure some of us seniors already have the mindset of missing them, as it is a joke going around that each time pepperoni rolls are served, it could be our first last pepperoni roll of the year. This dish has lasting impact on our day, as a good pepperoni lunch can turn a bad day good or a good day great. Few foods have earned the right of being known as a great school lunch, but here at East it is widely accepted and acknowledged that pepperoni rolls are at the top of the charts, and that is why they will be the pizza of our school careers.