Mooove Over, Milk: Hydration is Key

Do you think schools should serve a wider variety of beverages during lunch?


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TruMoo Chocolate Milk

Jaelen Gordon, Staff Writer

Greenbrier East High School serves a variety of beverages to students for breakfast but not for lunch.  White, chocolate, and strawberry milk are basically the only choices during lunch. Infused water is the only other option. Why such a small variety? Why can students have juice in the morning for breakfast but not in the afternoon for lunch?  Many students do not like drinking milk or drinking water. GEHS offers soy milk to students who are lactose intolerant, but why go through all the trouble? Many students who do not drink milk are not lactose intolerant, they just dislike milk. Many people want to drink water but not everyone does or will. I think having a wider variety of beverages at school would help students stay hydrated and energized for the rest of the school day. What different types of beverages would you be interested in? Are you unsatisfied with the beverages we have now at lunch? Your comments are welcome.