Countdown to Prom

Prom is on March 21st, which is right around the corner!


Kaya Pence, Staff Writer

Even though it’s January, it’s just a little over two months until prom. That means it’s time to stress about your dress or tux, your date or companion(s), the planning, and the costs. Prom is also three weeks earlier this year and that adds more stress to it. But why do we stress over making one night perfect? Is all the time and money worth it?

One of the most important things about prom is your dress or tux. Every girl and guy wants to wear something that makes them look their best, and planning ahead will ensure enough time to have alterations made so your tux or dress is perfect. Nobody wants to buy their outfit last minute and be faced with last-second adjustments. Trust me, it definitely sucks.

I had to get alterations done the day of prom because my head wouldn’t fit through the top after I got alterations done to the shoulder.

Hair, nails, spray tans, and other appointments also must to be planned ahead of time before stylists get booked up. Restaurant reservations are important if you plan to eat out; if not, have a plan for your meal at home. 

Prom is expensive. Unfortunately for girls, we tend to spend more on prom than guys. We girls want to make sure we look our best from head-to-toe and we are willing to pay for just about anything that will help us to do so. The guys just have to buy the tux, shoes, the corsage, and whatever else they feel like spending their money on. When you are a sophomore, you don’t care as much about wearing a hand-me-down dress, or don’t want to spend as much because it’s your first year and not many sophomores get a ticket in, but your junior and senior years are a different story. You want to spend your money wisely, but you might want to go for something more expensive. Senior year would most likely be the year that you would want to go out with a “bang” and spend the most money. 

Prom is on March 21st, which is right around the corner! So while the dresses are still nice and in stock, and appointments are open, it’s time to get on it. If you are planning on going to prom, make the night memorable and look great while doing so.