Secret Farm


Just chinchillin’.

Christine Scronce and Kayla Buckmaster

Have you ever wondered what the Future Farmers of America (FFA) kids do? As you probably know, FFA (one of Greenbrier East’s many CTE classes and clubs) deals with all things farming. However, what you might not know is that they know have their own mini farm. FFA recently bought a chinchilla, two hedgehogs, two bearded dragons, and two hamsters to take care of. We got to hang out with all of these cute critters (and got some really awesome photos), but who takes care of these animals? We talked to Ms. Massie and learned that the FFA class also functions as a farming business, so the class uses the money they make from selling flower arrangements made by students in the Horticulture class, and selling the market pigs the Plant and Animal Science class raises. They use this money to buy and take care of all of their animals (which are necessary for their class). The animals go home with different students to be cared for over weekends and breaks. In conclusion, the school has a lot of secrets.