Beard in Action


What’s missing??

Kayla Buckmaster, Staff Writer

I’m sure a few weeks ago you heard the announcements in the morning about Mr. Walker’s beard, but did you ever hear about the beard’s relationship to Mrs. Dodd?

Mr. Walker put his beard on the line to raise money for Mrs. Dodd, who recently had surgery to remove cancer from her kidney. The East community could pay to vote on whether Walker would either shave the beard off or dye it orange. Coincidentally, orange is the color designated to raise awareness for both leukemia–which Mr. Walker’s older son is battling–and kidney cancer.

The money raised through the choices for what happened to the beard went to Mitsy’s Wings,  an organization that helps families with cancer. Mitsy’s Wings has helped the Walker family, so Mr. Walker decided to repay the favor by offering his beard as tribute. Voters chose to see him shave the beard, and he’s happy it made a difference. 

Okay, now that’s more familiar!