Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Kenna Sheppard, Staff Writer

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. One reason may be that we rush into accomplishing our objective way too fast–we want something and we want it now. Instead of taking time to accomplish that resolution about being on time, or setting that record, or getting more fit, we rush in so impatiently that we can’t enjoy the process. Another reason for failure may be we are simply trying too hard. Also, some people find it difficult to believe in themselves. But the only way to defeat doubt is to believe. Who cares if you’ve failed a time or two? Finally, do you know what goal you’re after but not why you want to reach it? The more specific you make it, the more clear it will be in your imagination and the more encouraged you’ll be. So take your time, don’t push too hard, and believe in yourself. And the more vivid the picture is that you create of your goal and what success will look like, the more likely it is you will succeed. Yes, you CAN do this!