GEHS Cheer Competition

GEHS Cheer Team.

GEHS Cheer Team.

Kaya Pence, Staff Writer

On November 9, the GEHS Cheerleading team competed against other cheer teams from different schools around the state at the South Charleston Community Center. The team placed 6th at the cheer competition. It was said that the young women hit every stunt, jump, tumble, and dance move exceptionally well.

The following cheerleaders participated.

Seniors: Coriann Nemcik, Sommer Feury, Rachael Kirby, and Rylee Bolt

Juniors: Katie Hamilton, Khloe Wagner, Kendra Bostic, Caitlynne Price, Carli Shaffer, Sam Easton, Lindsey Sherwood, and Kaylee Hensley

Freshmen: Kaylynn Wagner

Alternates: Halianna Holliday and Maddie Carver