How Do I Feel About Mr.Maroney Leaving?


Mr. Maroney with #1 fan Kaya Pence.

Kaya Pence, Staff Writer

I’m sure we all have different opinions about Mr.Maroney leaving. Personally, I will miss him a lot. Even though I knew him not much longer than a year, he has made a huge impact on my life. Biology is a hard subject to learn (and teach), but he worked with each and every one of us until we understood the content. There were many students who didn’t want to try and gave up too easily, but Mr.Maroney was patient with them. Of course you can only be patient for so long until you want to explode, but it took a lot to anger him. Not only did he teach me biology, but he taught me life lessons like being respectful, having patience, and giving your full potential. 

One of the things I like about Mr.Maroney was that he always greeted you as you walked into his class. It wasn’t always just a quick hello, but often he asked you how you were and carried on a conversation with you. Just getting a greeting from him made the rest of my day better. Another thing I liked about him was that he was easy to read. You could always tell when he was having a bad or good day. Normally, if he was having a bad day my day wouldn’t be as great, either. One way you could tell if he was having a good day was if he cracked a joke with you or the class. The jokes weren’t top quality, but they always made me laugh.

Even though I am sad about him leaving, I am also happy for him because he was offered a better job. I really hope he likes Davis Stuart, and I hope all the students there get to know him the way I did. I hope they appreciate and respect him the way some of the students here didn’t get to do. I also hope he gets the best in life after having to put up with a lot of nonsense. 

Overall, you can tell that from my perspective Mr.Maroney was a great guy. He will always be one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I will always remember the fun times he had with my class and how much he helped me. I hope that he continues to greet people that walk into his class and that it makes the rest of their day. Mr. Maroney left a mark on Greenbrier East and on me.