Jardi Hardi’s 1 year anniversary!


Thumbnail from the Pack vs. Pack video.

Joshua Hardiman, Staff Writer

As most of you may know, the single most amazing YouTuber in all of Greenbrier county, Jardi Hardi, recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary on youtube. I mean just think about that: all of the heads of lettuce, all of the packs of cards and all of the stupid moments all packed into one whole year. It wasn’t always easy.

Jardi at times struggles with people wondering why a high schooler still messes with Pokemon cards. Sometimes, the thought even creeps upon him that maybe he’s just not funny…

But at the same time, he knows that finding the will to record could mean making somebody’s day with a joke, or making them laugh at the weird things he does just for Internet attention. The fact that what he does is so unpredictable is what keeps everyone coming back for more. Whenever he decides to upload, of course. At the end of the day, he is so appreciative of all of his 300+ subs and for everyone who comments and likes his videos.