Meet a Spartan


Senior Dylan Finley.

Tori Reynolds, Staff Writer

Name:  Dylan Finley

Grade:  12

Age: 17

Club:  Outdoor Life

TR: What are your hobbies?

DF: I wrestle, play video games, hike, and work out.

TR: What do you want to do after high school?

DF: I want to get rich.

TR: What is your dream job?

DF: I want to be the CEO of my own company.

TR: Who is your favorite teacher and why?

DF: I have three favorite teachers. They are Mr. Maroney, Ms. Dennler, and Ms. Smith.

TR: What is one word to describe your personality?

DF: Quirky.

TR: What advice or quote do you live by?

DF: “Twenty dollars is twenty dollars.”

TR: What are your pet peeves?

DF: Other people breathing too loud and chewing with their mouths open.

TR: What is the most annoying thing people ask you?

DF: “Do you have a lazy eye?”

TR: Do you have a role model? If so, who and why?

DF: My role model is Elon Musk because he does good things with all of his money.

TR: Do you have any advice for underclassmen or those who will be attending high school next year?

DF: Don’t rush high school and don’t let anyone bully you.