Why Food Lion Is the Best Grocery Store

I like to call Food Lion the Chick-fil-A of the grocery world, but why?


The Food Lion store in White Sulphur Springs.

Joshua Hardiman, Staff Writer

If you have known me for any reasonable amount of time then it’s safe to assume that you know that I love Food Lion. Now you may think that’s sort of weird, but there are plenty of reasons why I do, and why I feel that Food Lion is the best all-around grocery store in America.

I like to call Food Lion the Chick-fil-A of the grocery world, but why? The fact is, the customer always comes first even when it can hurt the store’s profits. The savings and discounts our customers enjoy are personalized to them through their MVP card. The atmosphere in the stores is just so welcoming. From the soft, upbeat music to the pleasant smell coming from the deli area, it’s just a warming environment that you don’t necessarily expect from a grocery store.

Another thing that is so great about Food Lion–or at the very least about the Food Lion in White Sulphur Springs–is its sense of community. For me, working there offers so many opportunities to catch up with folks you know, as well as to meet and chat with people from the area you wouldn’t normally talk to.

Another aspect of Food Lion that is a step above the rest is their dedication to serving the communities where their stores are located by donating 88 million meals since 2018. The company also focuses on energy savings, and has been an ENERGY STAR partner for 18 years. They’ve even been in on the recycling craze longer than you have! In fact, Food Lion recycled almost 6,000 tons of plastic in 2018 alone.

It’s easy to see why Food Lion is my favorite store and why it should be yours, as well.