What Is It Like to Be a Twin?


Lauren Smith is on the left and Julia Smith is on the right. “Are y’all twins?”

Kenna Sheppard, Staff Writer

Not everyone knows this, but I was supposed to be a twin myself. My mom was told she was having twins on the first or second prenatal appointment, but the next ultrasound showed that the second baby had been reabsorbed. I would love to see what it would be like with another me running around, but I wouldn’t change my life for the world. Because I’ve always had this personal interest in twins, I decided to interview my friends, twins Lauren and Julia Smith, both sophomores.

Lauren: “Being a twin means you always have a best friend no matter what! Everyone in the world could hate me, but I know Julia wouldn’t. It means you’re never really alone, I always have someone there on the first day of school; I always have someone there to talk to; I always have someone to study with; I always have someone to keep me company, to help me through the rough days, and someone to make me laugh even more on the good days. I sometimes wonder what it would be like not having a twin, just to be by myself, not having someone that looks like me. Yeah, it would be cool, but I honestly wouldn’t trade being a twin for anything. Julia is the best thing my parents ever gave me. We don’t really fight at all, or if we do it’s over clothes or if one of us does something stupid. Being a twin is pretty amazing! What is it like not being a twin?” 

Julia: “To me having a twin means that I will always have a best friend. I will also have someone that’s always there for me. I honestly don’t know how I would get through life without [Lauren]. She is always honest with me. You also get to share clothes, which is nice. We also can tell each other everything and know that the secret is safe. We are always having a great time together, as well. We fight some but it doesn’t last very long. I’m more of the funny one, and Lauren is more serious, which is great because it balances out. Being a twin can be difficult, as well, because you are almost all the time counted as one when there are definitely two people, which is aggravating. It also gets annoying when people ask “Are y’all twins?” because it’s obvious that we are. The funniest thing is watching people look at us as we walk by, or when they do a double take.”